Among Us In Real Life, But There's a Lie Detector! (Impostor IQ 999)

16. okt. 2020
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AMONG US In REAL LIFE But There's a LIE DETECTOR!! This is the Hardest Impossible Among Us In Real Life Challenge for the Imposter and Crewmates! @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Temperrr @TeaWap @HanRidge
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    FaZe KayFaZe KayPred mesecem
    • Holy bro

      Gamer AdamGamer AdamPred 12 dnevi
    • mmdi

      Fatma AldosariFatma AldosariPred 14 dnevi
    • my name is faze kay on among us

      Vinoba YogachandranVinoba YogachandranPred 22 dnevi
    • @Bonkdude351 fffff

      BlueYT 123BlueYT 123Pred 27 dnevi
    • Ok

      DANU JANUDANU JANUPred 29 dnevi
  • They could have just said to the people are you the imposterand then I would say if they are lying

    Lisa TolmanLisa TolmanPred 4 urami
  • I hate teawap

    Mishel PlatiniMishel PlatiniPred 14 urami
  • O

    Daniela Santelises AlvarezDaniela Santelises AlvarezPred dnevom
  • Jarvis:*walks* Hannah: "that's sus that's sus that's sus that's sus that's sus"

    Nicholas JirjisNicholas JirjisPred dnevom
  • he didnt 200iq

    Blanca ResendizBlanca ResendizPred dnevom
  • no

    Jose BautistaJose BautistaPred dnevom
  • ok

    Jordan ClarkJordan ClarkPred dnevom
  • Chores

    XD Lucid XDXD Lucid XDPred dnevom
  • Kay dum

    Vitality TarotVitality TarotPred dnevom
  • The one rule that’s most important is that you can’t ask if they killed someone

    Ta Khai CaTa Khai CaPred dnevom
  • Why did Hannah say did you kill someone

    GrT ÑįńjåGrT ÑįńjåPred 2 dnevi
  • Whait that loe dectecter was from royalty family

    Jordan FloresJordan FloresPred 2 dnevi
  • I’m not gonna lie but that was a lame way the video ended and I though it was more than one round

    NRG MoMentsNRG MoMentsPred 2 dnevi
  • Fun fact: all task are visual lol

    WhoisTommy?...WhoisTommy?...Pred 2 dnevi
  • Sub to get Jarvis unbanned

    Caren TheodorakakosCaren TheodorakakosPred 3 dnevi
  • Is tiko and Jarvis they are the lmposte

    Emily RosalesEmily RosalesPred 3 dnevi
  • i si dis gui by the royaliti famili

    Valeria BucciValeria BucciPred 3 dnevi
  • You are so good

    TTV Gamz#8888TTV Gamz#8888Pred 4 dnevi
  • Necon might be cheating

    ?Jamper¿ H?Jamper¿ HPred 5 dnevi
  • Its not a lie detector, it measures your blood pressure and how nervous you get, anybody would get nervous when getting asked questions about a game infront of a lot of ppl

    Tryhard Inc.Tryhard Inc.Pred 5 dnevi
  • there is literally no point of playing then

    Amaan AyazAmaan AyazPred 5 dnevi
  • walks bye thats sus thats sus

    Dxddy_ Not FearZzDxddy_ Not FearZzPred 5 dnevi
  • How dare you eject my man Tico

    kermit thefrax23kermit thefrax23Pred 6 dnevi
  • Hannah says that’s sus but all Jarvis is doing is walking

    Aerial_Beam 147Aerial_Beam 147Pred 6 dnevi
  • Jarvis is the best

    Ranvir SinghRanvir SinghPred 7 dnevi
  • That guy from royalty family

    Gaming Roblox luis UlloaGaming Roblox luis UlloaPred 7 dnevi
  • To the not early squad :D

    シendermanシendermanPred 7 dnevi
  • Its not Among us when you have a lie detector

    EnsoGamezEnsoGamezPred 8 dnevi
  • i literally see that lie detector guy in everyon's video

    Wendy KiraWendy KiraPred 8 dnevi
  • Is it just me or is teeqo the most positive FaZe member ever ( my favorite one)😂

    TTV_Shaina GarciaTTV_Shaina GarciaPred 8 dnevi
  • teeqo saying he is going to make a 200 iq play EVERYBODY Teeqo sus Teeqo has 1 iq

    Matr1xXdxMatr1xXdxPred 8 dnevi
  • Kk no

    Jaco van der WaltJaco van der WaltPred 8 dnevi
  • Ok

    Fornite god GodFornite god GodPred 9 dnevi
  • You can't do tasks as the imposter

    dom but I'm not domdom but I'm not domPred 9 dnevi
  • They should make the lie detector medbay scan

    FazeSway Boy322FazeSway Boy322Pred 9 dnevi
  • When is frazier gonna be imposter

    Chrisso BroChrisso BroPred 9 dnevi
    • He already was

      SharkyboySharkyboyPred 8 dnevi
  • they already have presents under the tree

    Xavier Baker_27Xavier Baker_27Pred 10 dnevi
  • Sub

    Gamer BoyGamer BoyPred 10 dnevi
  • Welp a new way to make ur kids do chores just say we playin among us irl

    DogearcDogearcPred 10 dnevi
  • Or u could say every good thing u did

    DogearcDogearcPred 10 dnevi
  • Fun fact:Faze clan and royalty family live in la

    Fardid AhamedFardid AhamedPred 10 dnevi
  • I don’t have a problem but how and why does Jarvis always gets imposter

    Alidanish MolooAlidanish MolooPred 11 dnevi
    • Idk

      TTV_Shaina GarciaTTV_Shaina GarciaPred 8 dnevi
  • Holy bro

    Gamer AdamGamer AdamPred 12 dnevi

    Wayne LiuWayne LiuPred 12 dnevi
  • can you do another vid on amung us

    Alissa OuthierAlissa OuthierPred 13 dnevi
  • 🚿

    Nabie SesayNabie SesayPred 13 dnevi
  • 😂

    Nabie SesayNabie SesayPred 13 dnevi
  • Jarvis says 200 IQ they name the video 999 IQ

    TJ_VIB3ZTJ_VIB3ZPred 13 dnevi
  • max level autisem

    c a k sc a k sPred 14 dnevi
  • Bro this is no far for the imposter

    Moses CroasdaleMoses CroasdalePred 16 dnevi
  • iq 999

    max Johnsonmax JohnsonPred 17 dnevi
    • Juice wrld

      max Johnsonmax JohnsonPred 17 dnevi
  • Jarvis is imposter every vid

    Aryan's LifeAryan's LifePred 17 dnevi
  • I hate it when hanna say that jarvis sus and she say everybody is sus

    Adriana BahenaAdriana BahenaPred 18 dnevi
  • Why?

    Dairon FloresDairon FloresPred 18 dnevi
  • thats the qoustion here

    clarke elrodclarke elrodPred 19 dnevi
  • #irkamoungus

    Turtle GuyTurtle GuyPred 19 dnevi
  • Why is Jarvis always the imposter

    Naunihal SinghNaunihal SinghPred 19 dnevi
  • It was funny


    JBJBPred 20 dnevi
  • Yay I love among us

    eSenseieSenseiPred 20 dnevi
  • Lie detectotrs aren’t always accurate

    ツ-Tu Muerteツ-Tu MuertePred 21 dnevom
  • yeaa

    Vinoba YogachandranVinoba YogachandranPred 22 dnevi
  • teewap the type of guy to self report

    YouTube Terms Of ServiceYouTube Terms Of ServicePred 22 dnevi
  • You guys should make it more accurate, do that you only can go on the lie detector if you want to speak, and not that they can ask you questions and maybe that imposter are not aloud to do task

    V. s.sV. s.sPred 22 dnevi
  • TEEQO SAID WHEN HE SELF REPORT HE SAID IM GOING TO MAKE A 200iq play and at the end of the lie detector everyone has a suspicion on teeqo and teeqo was like that didn’t do very well instant karma I guess

    panhaboth samanpanhaboth samanPred 22 dnevi
  • Ye kya bavasir hai 😂🤣

    shubham autishubham autiPred 23 dnevi
  • Nice video

    Mr DuxcMr DuxcPred 24 dnevi
  • Is the lie dectetor the med bay

    Nguyen AndrewNguyen AndrewPred 24 dnevi
  • How jarvis is impostor always

    Saku SulkalaSaku SulkalaPred 24 dnevi
  • Why is Jarvis always imposer

    Moses CroasdaleMoses CroasdalePred 25 dnevi
  • I mean the impostor has to lie so he cloud wine but ???

    it's safait's safaPred 25 dnevi

    Taboushy91Taboushy91Pred 25 dnevi
  • Teeqo = Donny Van De Beek search him up if u don't know who that is

    Orbit makambaOrbit makambaPred 25 dnevi
  • Lookkk at your head Jarvis

    nigelspowellnigelspowellPred 25 dnevi
  • Ummm this is fire 🔥

    SkyeSkyePred 26 dnevi
  • This guy was in the The royalty family

    Eliel NoriegaEliel NoriegaPred 27 dnevi
  • He is the same guy from the royalty fam vid LOL He dont laugh

    NotScuffyNotScuffyPred 27 dnevi
  • You are ejected。  •   ゚。   . .    .    。 。.  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • I told you I was not the Impostor •.

    Giovanni RosasGiovanni RosasPred 27 dnevi
  • The easiest way to get your kids to do chores🤣

    The OgongasThe OgongasPred 27 dnevi
  • As of October 29, 2020, 2,666,626 Notice why I wrote this comment ...666...

    Nuclear NickNuclear NickPred 27 dnevi
  • This is just the sidemens last video with an extra step lol

    Gabriel RidesGabriel RidesPred 27 dnevi
  • This literally ruins the whole point of the game.

    GreenUpZaaGreenUpZaaPred 27 dnevi
  • This video is kind of boring

    One Shot SoloOne Shot SoloPred 27 dnevi
  • realises that a lie detector is basically based on stressed ( the more calm u are u can get away wiht anything)

    DeadeyeDeadeyePred 27 dnevi
  • Am I the only one who feels extra poor seeing that they have like 4 or 5 garages...

    Smokey’s lifeSmokey’s lifePred 28 dnevi
    • Yh and they cant even drive

      MarleyMarleyPred 25 dnevi
  • The guy is just too depressed

    Big Chungi504Big Chungi504Pred 28 dnevi
  • Can people stop with the among us iq thing. It is such a simple game

    Antics with Ethan!Antics with Ethan!Pred 28 dnevi
  • my niga

    mq76mq76Pred 28 dnevi
  • This is just doing stations in kindergarten

    lamp lightlamp lightPred 28 dnevi
  • The best crew mate the lie ditector person

    Cristobal CanoCristobal CanoPred 28 dnevi
  • TIP: try not to report the body because they will put the lie detector on you

    JJ DSJJ DSPred 28 dnevi
  • 8:50 Christmas tree

    NeneMngr Gage bNeneMngr Gage bPred 28 dnevi
  • Yellow is such a simp for pink honestly😂

    Ashley RoseAshley RosePred 28 dnevi
  • Among us is a amazing game out there

    Onika HarrisOnika HarrisPred 29 dnevi
  • Yo is that Brenen from Logan Paul’s vlogs

    xSxulessFN YTxSxulessFN YTPred 29 dnevi
  • This lie test ruins among us like bruh?!

    Dragon GamerDragon GamerPred 29 dnevi
  • Bruh

    Typical GamerTypical GamerPred 29 dnevi
  • I LOVE Teeqo

  • Does everybody use the same lie detector guy?? Lol seriously

    Jacob EnsignJacob EnsignPred 29 dnevi