Surprising my Little Brother with his DREAM GIRL (Actress)

12. avg. 2020
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I got my Little Brother @FaZe Jarvis back & Surprised Him With His Dream Girl on a Date!
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  • He has so many tings 🥺

    HanRidgeHanRidgePred 3 meseci
    • Lok

      Pelo SombraPelo SombraPred 3 dnevi
    • Don't worry your my ting. Haha

      Belgravia OtisBelgravia OtisPred 4 dnevi
    • @Jamal Moore calm down don’t pull out the ting

      1000 Percent1000 PercentPred 5 dnevi
    • He's mister steal yo ting🤷🏽

      Jamal MooreJamal MoorePred 6 dnevi
    • Lol

      1000 Percent1000 PercentPred 12 dnevi
  • 😒😒😒

    WIZARD YTWIZARD YTPred 14 minutami
  • 9 year old searching on google "Who is Lana Rhoades" -_-

    Khalil ShahbazKhalil ShahbazPred dnevom
  • She's a fuckin p star

    Grey GreyGrey GreyPred dnevom
  • So hard

    Ruby fortniteRuby fortnitePred 2 dnevi
  • This was funny as hell 👌💯💯😂😂

    The Great-KingThe Great-KingPred 3 dnevi
  • take in the adult films part lmao i am week

    Tyler JamesTyler JamesPred 4 dnevi
  • Lol

    Ziya HussanZiya HussanPred 4 dnevi
  • Lana “imbot” mike and Frazier dying

    Solar_opSSolar_opSPred 4 dnevi
  • Inida guy say when see jarvis date a lana rhodes holjo fucka is that

    Ragip 77Ragip 77Pred 4 dnevi
  • jarvis was never seen again

    ツツツツPred 4 dnevi
  • I think im on the wrong site

    CaNnAbiSCaNnAbiSPred 5 dnevi
  • If you want a girl call a por*🌟

    tyquan whittinghamtyquan whittinghamPred 5 dnevi
  • My boy is simping

    Popcorn MillingtonPopcorn MillingtonPred 5 dnevi
  • Who can name all of his tings, from the start of his career to now. Seriously??????????????

    Prodigy AstroProdigy AstroPred 6 dnevi
  • *STAR WARS: REVENGE OF KAY* You need the words? There isn't any. Because this isn't a series of *STAR WARS* episodes.

    Raphy DatocRaphy DatocPred 7 dnevi
  • I just watched her

    Avacado 69Avacado 69Pred 7 dnevi
  • My man simping😂😂🤣🤣

  • I'm mr steal your girl

    CX OCTOMCX OCTOMPred 10 dnevi
  • 8 yr olds: whats her job everybody else: :/ wut

    Daniel HelalyDaniel HelalyPred 10 dnevi
  • He’s making a burner account

    FlyFlyPred 10 dnevi
  • you know who that actress is right

    World wide cringe Tas SotoWorld wide cringe Tas SotoPred 11 dnevi
  • When he got caught cheating he should have been removed from the gaming community

    Drippin PonyTailDrippin PonyTailPred 12 dnevi
  • Yo I’m watching this and I’m at 10:00 and my dad said it’s bedtime cuz I have a doctors appointment and that knock on the door scared me 😂

    Xnvyz SpamsL2Xnvyz SpamsL2Pred 14 dnevi
  • awkward

    kareemmm llaabnmkareemmm llaabnmPred 14 dnevi
  • Jarvis is a big simp wtf😭

    Tose SesinyiTose SesinyiPred 16 dnevi
  • why tf is mike so scary without logan

    daniel galitdaniel galitPred 16 dnevi
  • POV when you where done watching this you went to go watch summm......

    Initial FreddyInitial FreddyPred 17 dnevi
  • “Do you film any adult films?” “No, I haven’t gotten into that yet.” YET?!?! WTF

    PurplPineapple13PurplPineapple13Pred 18 dnevi
  • looks like scripted to me from the window

    Joshua FamaloanJoshua FamaloanPred 19 dnevi
  • she’s so pretty tho🥺🥺🥺

    baybeegirlb_baybeegirlb_Pred 19 dnevi
  • Yo Jarvis got a chance

    kingkingPred 19 dnevi
  • Watch out with jarvis hide you tings

    v MALIGNA vv MALIGNA vPred 19 dnevi
  • I love how it says actress

    Kourosh JamKourosh JamPred 20 dnevi
  • She look likes lara rhoades bruhhu

    Games with DaxwidxxGames with DaxwidxxPred 21 dnevom
    • Ikr

      Avacado boyAvacado boyPred 20 dnevi
  • lil jarvis banned RIP

    Rey Alexander Ruelas CruzRey Alexander Ruelas CruzPred 22 dnevi
  • Can someone explain to me why this video exists this niggas audience is kids like literal fetus' im talking kids fresh out the womb

    • Yup

      Avacado boyAvacado boyPred 20 dnevi
  • she ugleee

    ju ahhsju ahhsPred 24 dnevi
    • U ok

      Avacado boyAvacado boyPred 20 dnevi
  • stuf han

    x army bestx army bestPred 24 dnevi
  • shes also a doctor a teacher and a step sis

    spirit kirito on igspirit kirito on igPred 24 dnevi
  • 6:33 yaya I can show you my room lol

    فهد المرزوقفهد المرزوقPred 25 dnevi
  • Actress 🤔😂😂😂

    vibe with me 22vibe with me 22Pred 25 dnevi
  • Jarvis has so many dream girls. 😂

    TEAM GDCPTEAM GDCPPred 27 dnevi

    Leeyro KintinLeeyro KintinPred 28 dnevi
  • Actress yea a actress

    Logical LinkinLogical LinkinPred 29 dnevi
  • Bruh Kay and mike where literally outside the window of where Lana and Jarvis where at

    JovanyOn 60HzJovanyOn 60HzPred mesecem
  • She belongs to the streets... and to all of mikes homies

    SlaykerSlaykerPred mesecem
  • Lana rhoades

    csual 626csual 626Pred mesecem
  • 10:00 I understand Chinese it’s some Hong Kong news but why

    Dragos FgvDragos FgvPred mesecem
  • H

  • Wait a minute a surprise if he wins

    ForgiveEliteForgiveElitePred mesecem
  • Lana shoulda been like “Mike likes it when I play duos with the boys”😂😂

    Caden FarrCaden FarrPred mesecem
  • dude jarvis was cheesing the whole video 🤣

    Richard OssoRichard OssoPred mesecem
  • How can this man even get mad when his girl has literally taken more wieners than a fan at an MLB game

    Dalton A.K.A OGxCorndogDalton A.K.A OGxCorndogPred mesecem
  • 10 out of 10 bro🤣🤣

    HAVOC YTHAVOC YTPred mesecem
  • 4:27 he said not yet 😳

    RelRelPred mesecem
  • Alguien que hable español no le des a mas informacion Ese dia jarvis no volvoo a ser el mismo

    Fennix IwnlFennix IwnlPred mesecem
  • what type of actress is she?

    Enzo FernandezEnzo FernandezPred mesecem
    • Uhhh she’s a graphic star😏

      Avacado boyAvacado boyPred 20 dnevi
  • Poor Jarvis thinking he is getting Lana

    Tripple RaidzzTripple RaidzzPred mesecem
  • Wow I searched up her name and I almost threw up

    YoBoyGugaYoBoyGugaPred mesecem
  • The nine year olds wondering what kind of actress she is

    Cole LindnerCole LindnerPred mesecem
  • Que cojones es esto tio

    Deiivy ПDeiivy ПPred mesecem
  • I got in these video to check if this was lana rhoades and it was her

    jacked goffjacked goffPred mesecem
  • can someone pls surprise me with NoisyButters :(

    Kevin GobinKevin GobinPred mesecem
  • Imbot

    Tameem elmeslemanyTameem elmeslemanyPred mesecem
  • Actreesmmmmmmmmmmmmmm jejeje

    Felix ManuelFelix ManuelPred mesecem
  • Just got done from watching her on the hub😏👍

    ¿¿¿faze¿¿¿¿ u¿¿¿faze¿¿¿¿ uPred mesecem
  • m8 he changes his gf every week :(

    79_ner79_nerPred mesecem
  • bro lana rhoades we knows what an acters is she

    YoAndrejHere YoAndrejHereYoAndrejHere YoAndrejHerePred mesecem
  • My boy be pimping

    Gusley LouismaGusley LouismaPred mesecem
  • Facts

    Adirije EsomonuAdirije EsomonuPred mesecem

    rodrigogrpro xdrodrigogrpro xdPred mesecem
  • Yo ya ví más cosas que esas de lana

    Jose03wJose03wPred mesecem
  • 9:57. many cameras :(

    FlixzyFlixzyPred mesecem
  • Mike looks like X-PAC

    Kris TheGoatKris TheGoatPred mesecem
  • Español chek

    Finn89 _YTFinn89 _YTPred mesecem
    • XD

      Manuel CornejoManuel CornejoPred mesecem
  • So many tingys 😔

    Aishath ShiznaAishath ShiznaPred mesecem
  • Mike is so fucking lucky god daaayum

    Timothy TomTimothy TomPred mesecem
  • did u guys notice the intence lighting change in the starting of all of his videoooss??????????????

    Lemon boiiiLemon boiiiPred mesecem
  • I don't think it is an actress...... 😳😳

    kabei_kabei_Pred mesecem
  • Bruh he talks about playin fortnite

    Joseph KotronakisJoseph KotronakisPred mesecem
  • Kay not to be mean your head is busted jarvis has a good jaw line

    RemainingCrustRemainingCrustPred mesecem
  • 3:43 i swear he looked at the camra or out the window at yall

    RemainingCrustRemainingCrustPred mesecem
  • i saw her somewhere,is she playing in la casa de papel?

    vlad__.07 follow me on instagramvlad__.07 follow me on instagramPred mesecem
  • Script

    Papa SmurfPapa SmurfPred mesecem
  • Actress mhmm

    Amilcar VasquzAmilcar VasquzPred mesecem
  • Alex is busted

  • You forgot a word before actress

    AscensionAscensionPred mesecem
  • ITS Very ugly seeing her doing Like she is the Angel and nice one, when you saw her "movies"🤮

    CoDN!njaCoDN!njaPred mesecem
  • The main intro song is High By JPG

    Ash [GD]Ash [GD]Pred mesecem
  • Man look at Lana being so inspirational

    BladeX 00BladeX 00Pred mesecem
  • She was more than an actress

    Riley DrummondRiley DrummondPred mesecem
  • wtf 😂😂😂

    MK2 BotMK2 BotPred mesecem
  • Isn't she the girl who has 500 stepbrothers?

    DarkWater_BSDarkWater_BSPred mesecem
  • Like si eres de México


    mayron valcarcelmayron valcarcelPred mesecem
  • Alguien que hable español?

    gabriel gonzalezgabriel gonzalezPred mesecem

    YuNg BrAtZYuNg BrAtZPred mesecem
  • Ojo al hueso de mas q se le levanto a jarvis jajajajajs

    Cute ManuCute ManuPred mesecem
  • First jarvis dream girl was pokimane then sommer ray then avani then hanna and now lana rhodes this boy has so wieed things going on

    Albert ShoreAlbert ShorePred mesecem