FaZe Jarvis Plays Fortnite (The Truth)

21. maj. 2020
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  • Faze kay and Faze jarvis is from Malaysia

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  • Faze Kay play piggy

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  • I allmot got band but it was a warning

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  • So jarvis is playing fortnite and he's still banned

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  • I know that faze Jarvis still play

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  • I am from Nepal

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  • The youtuber physics is Jarvis twin brother!

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  • Faze Jarvis streams in season 4

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  • This aged really well 🤐

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  • Whos here after jarvis live streamed him playing again

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  • Jarvis played fortnite today😂

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  • POV: He played on his twitch

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  • I’m serious

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  • Faze Jarvis. Play Fortnite

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  • #UnbanJarvis

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  • What jarvis has on the PS4 at the thumbnail = *everything, fortnite*

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  • I watch all your videos

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  • Did anyone notice that jarvis shirt says *"F--- THE POLLUTION"*

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  • Have y’all noticed that in that exact same video of Jarvis using aimbot Kay also played a few rounds using it. And he ain’t banned

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  • I don’t understand how Kay still plays fortnite but he used aimbot with Jarvis when Jarvis was playing with aimbot too 🤔

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  • faze kay toled javis to use aimbot it wassssssssssssss kay

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  • Soooooo ten peapole watch your videos and 3 are subbed Cool

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  • Jarvis will never make a fortnite video but he plays

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  • Legends say Jarvis still play fortnite to this day

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  • no wayyyyyy, they are step bros

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  • Is I not steeling yo ting

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  • Jarvis could literally just create a new account

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  • It said does faze jarvis play fortnite but u did not answer but not sure did not see full vid TELL THE TRUTH

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  • I want Jarvis to play Fortnite on Faze Kay’s account

    Jimi lawJimi lawPred 3 meseci
  • When the world needed him the most he vanished

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  • Little does Kay know he's dating lexi secretly faze know but most of us dont

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  • #freejarvis

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  • How did Jarvis get banned? He didn’t use his main account 🤷‍♂️ epic games know to much 😂😂

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  • Dont aware

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  • #freejarvis

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  • they skiped does faze jarvis play fortnite on the top

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  • Jarvis: Gets banned for aimbot Henchmen : Man down

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  • So you think I could join faze

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  • they skiped does faze jarvis plays fortnite and he never answered if he did or didnt

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  • FaZe Jarvis did you know your t-shirt says f word on it

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  • Imagine faze jarvis becoming a road man lol

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  • Twin brother is PHYSICS

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  • Why can’t Jarvis play tho he got banned but he can still play but no hate trust faze up 🤏🏻

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  • Jarvis said I would never make a fortnite VIDEO cause we all now know that he plays anyways.(●_●)

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  • J

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  • y did jarvis get banned 4 life bcus of a pub game but do people get banned for 2 weeks if they cheat in tournaments for thousants of dollas

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  • Me too I'm from Nepal. I live in canada

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  • Y’all crack me up

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  • i from nepal i an Nepalese

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  • It's aim assist

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  • He can play fortnight!!!!!!!!!!! Jarvis

    Ernesto GutierrezErnesto GutierrezPred 3 meseci
  • He said who taught u guys how to speak when he plays fortnite he says I just dieded

    Hunter ZimmermanHunter ZimmermanPred 3 meseci
  • 😥😭😭😭😭 Jarvis I will try to bring your fortnite life back bro I miss your video s 📲🎮🎥📷

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  • 💸🚬👶🎮

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  • Legend says the henchmen never got Jarvis reboot card

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  • #FreeJarvis

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  • I was watching the vid it said is faze Kay then a ad cut on that said gay I was like is faze Kay gay because the ad said gay

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  • Who else searched how Jarvis went to jail and it showed videos

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  • Faze Kay: Do you have a girlfriend Jarvis Jarvis: No Viewers: Why the fuck you lying

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  • #freedornite

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  • it dosent show does faze jarvis play fortnite/:

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  • You know it was just jarvis account that got banned and hardware banned he can just reset his hardrive or get a new pc which he has done. Tfue did this when he got banned for buying an account and he just made a new one

    Kevin PettyKevin PettyPred 3 meseci
  • 3:30 Kay knew he fu*ked up

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  • FaZe Jarvis watch physics

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  • Yo ja v

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  • Faze Kay is so good at FORTNITE now he is one of the best on kbm

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    • He's trash. I could clap him in a 1v1

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  • roblox life

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  • He can play fortnite he just has to play on a different account

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  • I love your videos

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  • FaZe Kay pls notice me also everyone use code Flea and Kay❤️

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  • Bro why did u tell Javiers that if He plays fortnite he will get kick from faze lies

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  • Question why isn’t K band because he played with the aim bot to

    Jayden PerryJayden PerryPred 3 meseci
  • We know Jarvis still plays Fortnite but of course he won’t admit it we all know that

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  • I love how u put Jarvis crying meme in the vid

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  • oh we know

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  • cool...???

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  • 5.04M subs..... good job FaZe kay! i subbed and liked and turned on notis!

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  • Play fortnite

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  • Who else saw the of aimbot vid

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  • Twin

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  • You have a youtub brother is chanil is physics

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