I Hosted a 1v1 Tournament with FaZe Jarvis for $1,000 in Fortnite (Beat Pro = Money)

29. apr. 2020
2 160 882 Ogledi

We Hosted a 1v1 Tournament with FaZe Jarvis for $1,000 in Fortnite (Beat Pro = Money) if you can Beat this Pro on Fortnite You Win $200 - $1000 !
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  • 999 Serk vs Faze Sway. That would be epic. Like this comment so Faze Kay sees it.

    Milan Basadur Colonna PretiMilan Basadur Colonna PretiPred 3 dnevi
  • Recruit 999 Serk To FaZe Clan If He Wins A 1v1 Againest FaZe Sway!

    Braa SaifBraa SaifPred 8 dnevi
  • play pubg mobile ! hah try new mobile games instead of playing fortnite always ! btw luv ur vids !

  • I wish I could see how good Jarvis would be right now I agree with flixzy.ul

  • 999 serk are det best

    Chrisander MælandChrisander MælandPred mesecem
  • Everybody in the comment section think they can beat Serk

    Tuyet PhamTuyet PhamPred mesecem
  • #myfavskin

    Veer ZotaVeer ZotaPred mesecem
  • Me

    Omar ElarousyOmar ElarousyPred 2 meseci
  • Is Jarvis better then s 999 serk

    terrance Osceolaterrance OsceolaPred 2 meseci
  • Lemme 1v1 him I’ll shut on em

    Xuf FnXuf FnPred 2 meseci
  • who wants jarvis and serk to 1v1?

    Student-ISK Omar Samer Yousef Abu Hajaj 7EStudent-ISK Omar Samer Yousef Abu Hajaj 7EPred 2 meseci
  • uve said that 50k likes and serk will 1v1 sway TWICE, but ever made it happen

    Hamza Umer KhanHamza Umer KhanPred 2 meseci
  • Can u pls add me

    Felix BravoFelix BravoPred 2 meseci
  • Hi kay

    Felix BravoFelix BravoPred 2 meseci
  • Serk isn't even good

    Riley CroslandRiley CroslandPred 2 meseci
  • Why can't you just get a new account in new pc and stuff and then you can play fortnite on

    iconic fortniteiconic fortnitePred 2 meseci
  • 999 seek vs sway

    Antonio WilsonAntonio WilsonPred 2 meseci
  • 2

    maricela Lopezmaricela LopezPred 2 meseci
  • I love how Jarvis is not even pressed about the shot in Kay’s just freaking out

    Adrian MehrizyAdrian MehrizyPred 2 meseci
  • Frasier: and the winner get 1000$ of jarvis money Jarvis: WHATTT!!??

    Simon KampSimon KampPred 2 meseci
  • Lets see a Sway vs Serk

    BronzneecapBronzneecapPred 2 meseci
  • 999serk is faze sway bro

    martin Arulamartin ArulaPred 2 meseci
  • Whoever thinks they can clap SERK😆

    Kaleb B.G.Kaleb B.G.Pred 2 meseci
  • If Jarvis wasn’t banned i think Jarvis will win

    Rahaan AliRahaan AliPred 2 meseci
  • Bro there s no way he cuold be six of them

    munzir amirmunzir amirPred 2 meseci
  • Make him 1v1 sway bro comon we’ve been waiting for a whole year

    Damian EspinozaDamian EspinozaPred 3 meseci
  • I can

    Jaja BeaugeneJaja BeaugenePred 3 meseci
  • Let me 1v1 him my epic is DeadpoolYT_4742

    Rage_deadRage_deadPred 3 meseci
  • Jarvis v serk can it happen off cam ??

    Prayush AryalPrayush AryalPred 3 meseci
  • Kay 1v1 me epic is Galaxyboy114396

    morginer 17morginer 17Pred 3 meseci
  • 9:11 Serk's health regenerated.

    REET 123REET 123Pred 3 meseci
  • 5:05 jarvis is normal but kay screaming so loud :D

    _veeti aalto_veeti aaltoPred 3 meseci
  • Has he ever lost to insane jarvis

    Pro PlayzPro PlayzPred 3 meseci
  • Serk vs Sway

    The GoattThe GoattPred 3 meseci
  • Can I 1v1 Seri my epic is jaf001

    Gu FosGu FosPred 3 meseci
  • I did 10 vs 1 i was 1 and i win 3 pros and 5 good like wtf

    Ianys LucaIanys LucaPred 3 meseci
  • I bet me and my friend could beat serk just me and my friend but we only play at late in uk ( pls like so he sees this

    Fishy RaiderFishy RaiderPred 3 meseci
  • Solo can you give me a pc

    Ana RosarioAna RosarioPred 3 meseci
  • Can I 1v1him

    light3rlight3rPred 3 meseci
  • 9:56 just coolin off

    starXstarXPred 3 meseci
  • The reason why no one could hit is because there is siphon

    MEME BOY and gamer boyMEME BOY and gamer boyPred 3 meseci
  • The health is at 1hp look at it 9:29

    Youtube NotLxveYoutube NotLxvePred 3 meseci
  • Add me rhy is a qt this kid is eas

    RiRiPred 3 meseci
  • I’m Better then serk

    Vong FamilyVong FamilyPred 3 meseci
  • Yous code faze kay

    timmy summerstimmy summersPred 3 meseci
  • Bro zerk builds too much his aim is actually ass I can aim

    Jibran AhmedJibran AhmedPred 3 meseci
  • Kay bro u gotta dip bro

    JMoney ParkJMoney ParkPred 3 meseci
  • Serk had 200 shields?

    Orebotse SeeletsoOrebotse SeeletsoPred 3 meseci
  • who thinks serk is better 1v1ing than jarvis like jaris sub serk

    Napkin DudeNapkin DudePred 3 meseci
  • Give "999 serk" a chance to join FAZE

    Alex dankovAlex dankovPred 3 meseci
  • Can I 1v1 someone?

    Jacob CooperJacob CooperPred 3 meseci
  • No “uninstalling “

    KNG aidenKNG aidenPred 3 meseci
  • he should play 1v1 simulater

    savvy _Alexsavvy _AlexPred 3 meseci
    • i maen 1v1 lol

      savvy _Alexsavvy _AlexPred 3 meseci
  • Does 999serk play pubg

    philip knouziphilip knouziPred 3 meseci
  • Do think Jarvis would beat him if he weren’t banned

    Ellis RileyEllis RileyPred 3 meseci
  • sway 1v1 serk lol

  • They rigged it seek has 200 shield and 1 health

    BotifyRoblox _BotifyRoblox _Pred 4 meseci
  • Urassveiiiiiii889

    michelle Mooremichelle MoorePred 4 meseci
  • Jarvis would beat serk

    gaming channelgaming channelPred 4 meseci
  • serk should join FaZe 😀😀😃😃😄😄

    XxseanproxX XxxXxseanproxX XxxPred 4 meseci
  • Is s e r k a boy or girl

    William RobertsWilliam RobertsPred 4 meseci
  • I can beat him easily😂😂

    Fnlove 4Fnlove 4Pred 4 meseci
    • Fnlove 4 1v1 him then and I know you will regret it😂

      Tuyet PhamTuyet PhamPred 2 meseci
  • Man 600$ is so much but 10.000$ is nothing for kay

    MambaGod [BETA]MambaGod [BETA]Pred 4 meseci
  • Kay you good your were AMAZING!!! back then❤️❤️

    Brooke SmithBrooke SmithPred 4 meseci
  • Yeah same imagine how cracked he would be

    Brooke SmithBrooke SmithPred 4 meseci
  • Kay is such an awesome guy

    Itz MattyItz MattyPred 4 meseci
  • i think 1v2 are easier than 1v1, in all games. u can just shoot at 1 of them and then the other one think that they are free to go but then u focus him instead

    Gabriel ÖstemarGabriel ÖstemarPred 4 meseci
  • Can you guys Ask faze sway if he wants to 1v1 999serk

    Denis FortniteDenis FortnitePred 4 meseci
  • Faze ka will kick is ass

    RUSS Millions gangRUSS Millions gangPred 4 meseci
  • If i would kill serk how much money will i win

    Nathan BustosNathan BustosPred 4 meseci
  • Faze Serk

    Tristan JacksonTristan JacksonPred 4 meseci
  • Hello

    divityydivityyPred 4 meseci
  • Sway will shi on zerk

    ExxaExxaPred 4 meseci
  • Shut up

    Keila FloresKeila FloresPred 4 meseci
  • You should do sway vs serk

    Ali ZiafatAli ZiafatPred 4 meseci
  • Just image how players will react to 999 serk in Tournament like FNCS Finals? Maybe

    Lil DrxpzLil DrxpzPred 4 meseci
  • My epic is KyranVH

    Kyran Van HeerdenKyran Van HeerdenPred 4 meseci
  • Faze kay can I 1v1 you

    Kyran Van HeerdenKyran Van HeerdenPred 4 meseci
  • He would be insane

    Kyran Van HeerdenKyran Van HeerdenPred 4 meseci
  • Serk vs sway the fight I’m going to enjoy

    Zeba KhalidZeba KhalidPred 4 meseci
    • They are tied 3 and 3 in for fun series

      Chamar SheltonChamar SheltonPred 3 meseci
  • Maddox has to work in my mind that the next few months has gone so long and so I am going through my own and my best friends in life this week I was a great 👍 I

    josh beckomjosh beckomPred 4 meseci
  • sway would destroy serk

    luke munceluke muncePred 4 meseci
  • Never fuckin judge a book ny it’s cover

    NicolasNicolasPred 4 meseci
  • serk vs sway i want to see it but if you want make a 1v1 with sway and BH RELOAD PLSSSSSS

    Serafim KourSerafim KourPred 4 meseci
  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💰💰💰💰💰💰✉

    Donni JimDonni JimPred 4 meseci
  • He can't make videos uv it

    Donni JimDonni JimPred 4 meseci
  • Jarvis still plays fortnite

    Donni JimDonni JimPred 4 meseci
  • Trashy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Devin GuzmanDevin GuzmanPred 4 meseci
  • Serk have to 1v1 sway pls make that video i sub and like

    Shadow GamingShadow GamingPred 4 meseci
  • When kay sees serk hit somebody he like Omg THIs GUYINSANE lol

    MonstRMonstRPred 4 meseci
  • Who you do think will win if serk goes up to mongraal

    Becky AdairBecky AdairPred 5 meseci
  • if Jarvis plays again do serk v Jarvis

    connor dustinconnor dustinPred 5 meseci
  • H

    Jesse GomazJesse GomazPred 5 meseci
  • Omg treats 27272727277272727#7278782278$237327$7272$3727$3273$7$3ppl

    Jesse GomazJesse GomazPred 5 meseci
  • serk vs sway. Like so he can see this.

    Hamza Umer KhanHamza Umer KhanPred 5 meseci
  • Its not fair the other kids prob have 100 shield and 1 hp

    rizzlerizzlePred 5 meseci
  • Who wants Jarvis unbanned

    BTW SavannaBTW SavannaPred 5 meseci
  • serk is the definition of a overbuilder

    RaZe_1cy YTRaZe_1cy YTPred 5 meseci
  • my epic name is phatom-desire6 add me let me join yous

    Callum DCallum DPred 5 meseci
  • Plz do it faze sway vs 999 serk

    Flayer PlayzFlayer PlayzPred 5 meseci